HENGYUANXIANG (HYX), a time-honored brand of China, was established in 1927. Throughout the years, HYX Group has grown itself from a small caddice shop in Shanghai into a corporate enterprise specialized in knitting, clothing, home textile and wool. The Group is the largest www.4266901.company in China, or even in the world, in terms of using the wool with annual volume of more than 10 thousand tons.

     As the official sponsor of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, HYX Group are managing more than 40 core alliance factories. Apart from this, the www.4266901.company owns over 600 franchisers and distributors with more than 9,000 direct sales points. In 2007, the annual sales reached 5 billion Yuan (RMB).

     Not only is HYX Group the leading www.4266901.company in the wool textile industry, but also it is honored as the best www.4266901.company excelling of branding management in China. Milton Kotler, the world-class master in Marketing and Francis X.Maguire, the Vice President of International Brand Federation and Chief Consultant of Coca-Cola with the title of “Brand Golden Figure” have given Hengyuanxiang the high appraisal on its branding management and also have been called the “Coca-Cola” of China.

     Mr. Liu Ruiqi, is now the chairman of the board of HYX Group, the chairman of the Presidium of China Federation of Industrial Economics, Chairman of International Wool Textile Organization China www.4266901.committee, the vice president of the China Trademark Association. Mr. Liu Ruiqi is a great entrepreneur, philanthropist and the master in brand management.

     In December 22, 2005, HYX Group became the official sponsor of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and it is the first time for the wool and textile enterprises to be the sponsor. With this great chance, HYX Group is going to accelerate the step of its ranking the No. 1 in China and bewww.4266901.coming the world’s top brands.

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